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The type of narcissist that can make a good leader. (2017)

“Instead of avoiding narcissists, organizations may be better served in selecting the right type of narcissist." Randall S. Peterson, professor of organizational behavior, London Business School & S. Wiley Wakeman, doctoral candidate,...

Written by: Peterson, R. S. & Wiley-Wakeman, S.

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The danger of runaway leadership. (2017)

"Hubristic individuals are a threat to governance in all institutions." Lord David Owen Governance + Compliance, the online magazine of ICSA: The Governance Institute (UK), 16 May 2017 “For all...

Written by: Owen, David.

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Women in the C-Suite: Four breakthrough strategies. (2017)

“Helping women leaders succeed doesn’t necessarily mean massive programs or numerical quotas. Sometimes, simple solutions work even better.” Brian Kropp, Ph.D From Talent Quarterly's special 'Female Talent' issue. Talent Quarterly's preview:...

Written by: Daedalus admin

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Is political hubris an illness? (2017)

"... I asked Lord Owen if Trump meets the threshold of hubris syndrome, he replied it was a hard case, ... “He obviously has hubris, but did he acquire it ...? What was...

Written by: Osnos, E.

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In praise of narcissism. (2017)

“Narcissism is ... a duty to watch ourselves, vigilantly self-regulating our appearance in the world … And these kinds of self-reflections are not always wasteful." Shahidha Bari Times Literary Supplement,...

Written by: Bari, S.

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