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Big boys, big egos and strategic intelligence. (2015)

“..ideas on how strategic intelligence can help (Boards) prevail over destructive narcissism. Joseph H.A.M. Rodenberg, managing partner of Rodenberg Tillman & Associates, Netherlands Antoinette Rijsenbilt, Erasmus University Rotterdam, non-executive director...

Written by: Rodenberg, Joseph H.A.M.: Rijsenbilt, Antoinette

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Leadership BS. (2015)

“Pfeffer sets the record straight on the oft-made prescriptions for leaders to be honest, authentic, and modest, tell the truth, build trust, and take care of others,” Jeffrey Pfeffer, Professor...

Written by: Pfeffer, J.

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Napoleonic leadership: a study in power. (2015)

"200 years after his defeat, what lessons can we learn from his successes and his failures? Stephanie Jones, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Maastricht School of Management, Jonathan Gosling,...

Written by: Jones, S.; Gosling, J.

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Inclusive leadership: a framework for the global era (2015)

"...leaders no longer understand global financial ecosystems' complexity... fragmented actors make millions of decisions in isolation and capitalism have decoupled from economic value and the values of civilisation itself. Tomorrow's...

Written by: Wuffli, P. A.

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